Sweet Memories #26

25 October 2020

Heya !

I have noticed that there were a few readers from outside of France so I decided it was time to finally work on an English version of the blog. Therefore, from now on, I will try my best to translate every article in English.

I hope you are all doing ok and that you are ready for September’s Sweet Memories. Last month started pretty well since my family from Limerick came to visit for a week-end. We only had Rio for less than a week but they were delighted to meet him (and even brought him gifts !). It feels like aged ago ! We had a great time together and visited Loughshinny and Skerries. They also brought me beautiful flowers which made my next Monday morning a bit brighter. Even though temperatures were getting a bit cooler, we have been pretty lucky with the weather. I enjoyed this beautiful sunrise before my morning meditation ! On the second half of September, I turned 28. It felt bitter sweet as my parents were supposed to come and visit for the occasion. Unfortunately, they had to postpone as they would have to isolate for fourteen days. I tried to enjoy my birthday as much as possible and spent the day with my good friend Rosie. We went to the city center, did some shopping, had a delicious burger and treated ourselves to an afternoon spa. I spent the evening with my little family (aka G and Rio) with a nice aperitif. Then, my brother came to spend the week-end with us and we also had friends visiting. We made crêpes to celebrate my birthday. It was nice to finally have friends coming over ! Also, I got spoiled – thank you again !Right after my birthday, there were new restrictions in Dublin. Most of the restaurants and pubs were closed, we could not meet with more than one household … So we spent a lot of time at home. I re-organized my office and finally got a proper desk chair ! I also received a lovely package from my friend Aude – thank you so much ! In September, I enjoyed spending time with friends and family and boy, I am glad I did ! We are now in a proper lockdown and I don’t even know when I will be able to enjoy moments like these ones … Last month was also the first one with Rio. It has been a huge change in our lives and routine. We completely re-organized our lifestyle and also spent a lot of time with him to make sure he feels at home. Judging by the pictures, I hope we did well 🙂

What are your sweet memories from September ?

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