My 2019 Review

5 January 2020

Heya !

Am I late for my annual blogging review ? Absolutely ! I am super embarrassed to admit that I usually post this “end of the year” article on the 31st December and … we are the 5th January 2020 … I was hoping to be productive and proactive during the Christmas holidays but once again, I overestimated myself. I have to admit that I had been a lit lazy while being home with the family (oops !).

If you haven’t been here in the last two weeks, you will notice a big change though … Over the holidays, my good friend Aude implemented the new design of the blog ! I am super excited about the new layout. Aude did a fantastic job and she was so patient with me ! I will never thank her enough 🙂 

While reading my previous reviews, I had the feeling that 2019 had been incredibly quiet. I think that the last couple of years had been quite painful and exhausting so I really enjoyed a bit of peace. It gave me time to focus on myself and grow. Even though I tried real hard, I didn’t evolve on a professional level. However, I have learned so much about myself and my abilities. I don’t think I have ever been so self-confident in my life ! 

In 2019, we also travelled during the first half of the year (Stockholm, Rome, Connemara) and then we stopped to save money for a big project coming up. This year, my baby brother also moved to Dublin and it was great to finally catch up and spend more time together. We celebrated our 4th year in Ireland and the blog’s anniversary at the same time. 

Regarding the blog, I posted 39 articles in 2019, which is a bit less than the previous year. I kept writing my monthly goals and my Sweet Memories articles. However, I created less new content and I couldn’t follow my schedule as much as I wanted … I shared a bit more about my life in Ireland and you obviously enjoyed it. Two of these articles are on the 5 top read articles in 2019 !

1- 5 choses que j’adore en Irlande
2- Mes objectifs pour 2019
3- Préparer un care kit pour les sans-abris
4- June GoalsNovember Goals
5- 5 choses qui ont changées depuis que je vis en Irlande

See ya !

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  1. Aymerica says:

    C’est génial que tu es fait le point. Cette année je m’en suis passé et avec la situation actuelle, je ne m’n veux pas.

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