A season of gratitude

22 November 2020

Heya !

I have been thinking about this article for years, but for some reasons, I never had to chance to write it. We are one month away from Christmas and the Holidays. I have to say that, after the last past months, we will definitely need to gather and celebrate ! But before the end of the year madness, perhaps we should stop for a moment, breathe and be grateful.

We are living in a full speed world. We are always in motion. The proof is that during both lockdown, we had absolutely no obligation to do anything but yet, we all started a to do list and always found something to keep us busy. Also, we spend hours on our phone or scrolling through social medias … Our society keeps reminding ourselves that we are never enough and don’t have enough. We are not as rich as people on tv, our house is not as tidy as Insta accounts and our closets not as stylish as influencers … And I am not even talking about our body and our image ! Are we sometimes a little bit satisfied with what we have and who we are ?This year, I invite you to switch the way you see things. Remove all filters and start realizing that you can be grateful for what life has to offer. Of course, we are all suffering from the current situation. Some more than others. But what if we stopped looking around for a second, and focus on ourselves for a minute ?

Every night, I write three things that I am grateful for. I have been doing it for several years now. Before going to bed, I just reflect on my day and what joy it brought me. I forget about frustration, disagreements and all my negative thoughts. I breathe in and out, and write:

I am grateful that/for:

• My loved ones are healthy and doing well
• I can count on my family and friends. They support me during good times and bad ones.
• I am healthy. My body remains strong despite everything it goes through.
• Owning my house and waking up there every morning. For having a roof, the electricity, being warm and well fed. I am grateful for this little cocoon that brings me comfort and protection. 
• Having the best boyfriend, who loves me and supports me
• Having a job and being able to pay my bills, treat the people I love with gifts and surprises, going on holidays …
• The opportunities I currently have and the ones to come
• Adopting Rio and having him in our lives, especially during this second lockdown.
• Being able to stay home, safe and warm, especially when it rains and it’s cold. 

What about you ? Do you practice gratitude ? 
What are you grateful for ?

Tell me everything

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  1. Margot says:

    Oh I should do the same and write every day 3 things I’m grateful for.
    It’s such a good idea and it’s important to remember how lucky we can be.

    1. I am glad you like this idea 🙂

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