November Goals #4

9 November 2020

Heya !

I hope you are all keeping well – especially if you are in lockdown. In Ireland, we have been in a strict lockdown for almost three weeks now. This is getting frustrating and long, but I am trying to stay positive. We are all making sacrifices for the greater good. Also, seeing the number of cases decreasing gives me hope for the holidays 🙂 

October has been good and I particularly enjoyed decorating the house for this new season. I invested in some new pieces for our front door and our living room. My only regret was to take too long to buy a pumpkin … By the time I decided to get one, it was already too late. It looks like Irish people were desperate to keep their kids busy and all decided to do pumpkin carving during the autumn break ! We had a really good Halloween week-end though: trick or treaters collected their goody bags on the door mat, we had a fire in the chimney and watched “Coco” and “Edward Scissorhands”.

Before the complete lockdown, restaurants and bars could only open their outdoor areas. We didn’t really feel like having brunch under the rain but decided to book a night out for our anniversary. The lockdown started on that very same day so we stayed home with a take away (which was really nice as well !). Luckily, we had been able to spend some good time with my brother and some friends before being stuck at home. We even had raclette (thanks Alexane !) 🙂

My October Goals

Decorate the house for the new season
– Have a brunch in a restaurant/pub
Watch “nice” Halloween movies
– Carve a pumpkin
Set a fire in the chimney
Celebrate our ten years anniversary
Eat a raclette

November is going to be incredibly calm. This time of the year is usually super exciting ! I would go to the city center to go Christmas shopping, watch the windows and lights at night … This year is going to be really different as we won’t be able to leave the house. Therefore, I have decided to do everything from the comfort of my home: from decorating to Christmas shopping. I would like to have everything ready by the end of the month so I can relax in December (and hopefully enjoy some freedom if restrictions are lifted). Something else is going to be different in 2020: I will buy local. Of course, I am going to order some gifts through Amazon but I will mostly buy Irish.

As winter is coming, I feel like reading a lot more. The last few weeks have been hectic and I want to relax a bit. I am dreaming of a nice cup of tea in bed or by the fireplace with a good book. I have also been craving cinnamon rolls for weeks so I am going to try to make some. This will be my first try so fingers crossed !

My November Goals

– Prepare my gifts for Christmas
– Make cinnamon rolls
– Start decorating the house for Christmas
– Finish the book I have been reading
– Buy as many local products/gifts as possible

What are your goals for November ?

Tell me everything

2 Comment(s)
  1. Margot says:

    Oh I’m glad you had a nice October celebrating halloween.
    I also wanted to carve a pumpkin but here there are way too expensive haha.
    Nice goals for November. I love this time of the year before Christmas.
    I’m slowly starting to get in the holiday mood but I don’t think I’ll make my Christmas tree before December.

    1. Hi Margot, how expensive are the pumpkins for you ? :O
      I hope you are having a nice November !

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